Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eReservation?

Placing an eReservation gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to reserve one of Audi's new upcoming and highly sought-after models. You will also have exclusive early access to view model specifications and will be the first to receive news, updates, and communications.

Please note that neither the placement of an eReservation nor the payment of the fees for an eReservation constitutes an offer or agreement for purchase, a deposit, or a down-payment on an Audi vehicle, nor does it guarantee a vehicle, placement in an order queue or delivery of a vehicle within a specific time. Please see the Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Can I do an eReservation at my Audi dealership?

No. All new eReservations are only available through this website.

What happens if there are no vehicles left to reserve?

After all of the available units are reserved, you may be able to join a wait list. If a slot opens up, we will start contacting the prospective customers on a "first-come-first-serve" basis. In the event you receive an e-mail extending you an opportunity to purchase an eReservation, you have 48 hours to complete your eReservation.  After that time: (i) your opportunity to obtain an eReservation will automatically expire without any further notice to you; and (ii) you will be required to rejoin the Wait List (where you will be at the bottom of the list).   


Can I write a cheque or use cash for the eReservation Fee?

The eReservation order system only allows for payment by Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

Where does my payment go?

Audi Canada holds your payment until: (i) you purchase your Audi vehicle at your Audi dealer; (ii) you decide to cancel your eReservation; or (iii) your eReservation is cancelled by Audi as described in the Terms and Conditions.  

You can opt to apply your eReservation payment to the purchase of your requested Audi (or a different Audi vehicle) at the time of purchase.

Can I change or update the credit card after I pay?

Credit card information cannot be changed once your payment has been processed. If you wish to use a different credit card, you must cancel your eReservation and submit a new eReservation. If you do so, there is no guarantee that you will be able to make or otherwise receive another eReservation.

Can I transfer or sell my eReservation to someone else?

No. eReservations are not transferrable and cannot be sold or given away to another person or entity.


Changes and Refunds 

Can I cancel my eReservation at any time?

Yes, you may cancel your eReservation at any time. If you do so, there is no guarantee that you will be able to make or otherwise receive another eReservation.

How can I get my money back?

In the first 60 days from the time you placed your eReservation: You can cancel directly via the cancellation link in the confirmation email you received. The money will be transferred back to your credit card within 3-5 business days.

After 60 days from the time you placed your eReservation: Please contact your selected preferred Audi dealer in the event that you wish to receive a refund. Refunds by dealers are paid by cheque.

If I want a different Audi, do I need to cancel my eReservation?

We ask that you cancel your eReservation and speak to your dealer regarding the different Audi model you are interested in.


Other questions

What happens if I have any additional questions?

Your preferred Audi dealer can help answers questions regarding vehicles, financing and your existing eReservation.  

Contact with any other questions and we will get back to you.