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What is an eReservation?

Your eReservation Fee gives you the opportunity to be one of the first to purchase a new, high-demand Audi. You may choose to apply the eReservation Fee to the purchase of your new Audi.

Payment of an eReservation Fee does not constitute an agreement for purchase or down-payment of an Audi nor does it guarantee a vehicle, placement in an order queue or delivery of a vehicle within a specific time. Please see the Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Can I write a cheque or use cash for the eReservation Fee?

The eReservation Fee system only allows for payment via Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

Where does my payment go?

Audi Canada holds your payment for up to 60 days. After 60 days, your eReservation Fee is transferred to your selected Audi dealer. If you complete the purchase of a vehicle within 60 days of your eReservation Fee payment, your payment is also sent to your dealer. See Refunds, below, for more information.

Your eReservation fee may also be sent to your dealer if the model is already available for sale at the dealer.

Can I change or update the credit card after I pay?

No, the once payment has been processed, you must cancel your order and re-submit a new eReservation Fee.

Can I transfer or sell my eReservation Fee to someone else?

No. To be fair to all customers, Audi Canada does not permit the fee to be transferred or sold to another person.

Next Steps

How can I get more information on pricing?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) may not be available when you place your eReservation. Your dealer sets the retail price and will contact you as soon as pricing is made available.

If MSRP is available, your dealer can help you decide which trimlines and options are best for you.

How can I complete the purchase of my new Audi?

Your dealer will contact you to review financing and vehicle options. They will verify your eReservation ID when meeting or communicating with you. You may also contact your dealer to setup an appointment to review your options. Indicate your eReservation ID, such as AC1234, when you contact your dealer.

When will my car arrive?

Please check with your dealer for the latest delivery schedules.

Refunds (and applying my eReservation Fee)

If I want a different Audi, do I need to cancel my eReservation?

If you need a car sooner than expected or find another Audi that you would like to purchase, your dealer can assist you in applying your eReservation Fee to a different new Audi vehicle.

Your eReservation Fee can only be applied towards the purchase of an Audi vehicle.

Can I cancel my eReservation?

Yes, your fee is fully refundable, if you have not applied the fee to the purchase of an Audi and taken delivery of the car.

When will I get my refund?

Within the first 60 days of placing your eReservation, login to your myAccount using the link in your eReservation Fee email, or by logging into the eReservation website, and request a cancellation. You should receive your refund within 3-5 business days to the same credit card on which you paid the eReservation Fee.

Your eReservation fee may also be sent to your dealer if the model is already available for sale at the dealer.

After 60 days your eReservation Fee will be transferred to your preferred dealer. Your preferred dealer will process your refund upon request by cheque or work with you to apply the eReservation Fee to another Audi. Refund processes may vary by dealer. Interest is not payable on any eReservation Fee.